How to Increase Download Speed on Mac

Did you experience those days when the only approach to access Internet was a dial-up connection? For sure, you are aware how much have changed since then. For the most part, broadband connection makes things more convenient, right?

But the thing is, even with broadband connection, watching movies and downloading large files in HD can be quite frustrating. And most likely, your internet connection is just a little bit slow. Are you probably wondering if there’s anything you can do? Do you want to make the Internet to work faster on your Mac?

If so, then you’ve just come to the right place. In this article, we will tell how to increase download speed on Mac for free. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Change Your Internet Connection

This is probably one of the only certain methods to speed up your download speed on your Mac device. If you’ve got a cable connection, try changing to DSL connection.

Even though the cable can be faster, the more users are linked in the same connection, the more bandwidth is utilized, and thus slowing down the download speeds for you.

Aside from DSL having constant connection, you can also upgrade the Mbps if you want a much faster download speed.

Configuring System Settings

Configuring some system settings can enhance the receive buffer size on your Mac device. Ultimately, you’ll be able to acquire faster loading of web pages and faster download from the Internet. After the process, you might need to restart the device. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Apple icon found in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click on Terminal – you can see the terminal by using Finder or just search for the term terminal in Spotlight.
  • At the terminal prompt, just input Sudo –s and press enter.
  • Then enter your admin password if there’s a need.
  • Input the following phrase at the terminal prompt: sysctl –w net.inet.tcp.recvspace=65536
  • Then once again, press enter.

This approach should improve the incoming buffer size which ultimately enables faster download on your Mac.

Now, if you want to exit Terminal utility, just type “Exit” at the terminal prompt and just press enter.

Configure DNS Server Settings

First of all, DNS means Domain Name System.  The Domain Name System translates a website address from the human language into a language that computers can comprehend.

For instance, if you input in your browser address field, then the Domain Name System will look for it in a special database. After the corresponding IP address is discovered, your request is then transferred for further processing.

So, for the most part, the speed with which requested we pages open will be based on the speed of your Domain Name System service. Normally, users accept the default settings of their ISP or Internet service provider. And that’s actually fine because their Domain Name System servers are pretty fast.

Nonetheless, in the past couple of years, we’ve actually got some powerful alternative services such as Google DNS and OpenDNS that give you reliable speed. Regardless if the most prominent services are the fastest, what Domain Name System service suits you best and how can it speed up downloading on your Mac, we will find it out below.

What you want to do first is download NameBench, which is a free small utility. NameBench can check your current connection and figure out what DNS service works fastest in your current place.

After you have downloaded and launched the program, a popup will be shown with different options. By default all of these options are already selection, and you don’t need to configure anything.

After that, check if your web-browser and your country are correctly selected. Press the Start Benchmark and wait. The program will automatically perform some tests and will open a web-page to display the results.

You might actually find out that your current DNS server is twice slower compared to Google service. All the data needed for the right connection settings will be displayed there. Just head to network connection properties, configure TCP/IPv4 protocol and you’ll have a much faster Internet.

Configuring your Domain Name System settings will affect your network speed because of configuring your DNS settings.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that the download speed rate on your Mac device will be dependent on certain factors. One of those is the type of Internet connection you have. Of course, if you’re currently using a dial-up connection, then you’ll have a much slower connection compared to a broadband one.

Actually, even broadband connections come in various download speeds. For example, DSL download speeds can range from 1.5 to 9 Mbps. Those cable modems on the other hand can be slower or faster based on how many users are using the same connection.

If you have any feedback, please leave your comment down below. Hope to see you in another post.

The Most Useful Chrome Extensions Ever Made

Google Chrome is a free, powerful, and modern web browser which after installing it can accommodate additions to its capabilities or capacity, represented by its broad variety of plug-ins and add-ons known as Chrome extensions. Here are the five most useful, effective, Google Chrome extensions that you can download.

1. Xmarks

It is an add-on for bookmarking. It synchronizes across multiple web browsers and computers. For instance, Xmarks allows you to bookmark a web page from your PC at home; after you enable Xmarks on your PC, at work, you’ll be able to view the page at work. Your bookmarks will synchronize to a common Xmarks account activated through multiple web browsers. This Chrome extension is essential if you have two or more web browsers, as well as two or more computers.

2. AdBlock

If you hate seeing promotional advertisements and pop-ups when visiting a web page, the AdBlock is the ad blocker you need. AdBlock makes all the ads on the web pages you are visiting disappear, and gives you unhindered access to the content that you want to see. AdBlock not only blocks the ads, but it also blocks the advertisements from being downloaded, which heightens your browsing security. Also, this makes your web pages load faster. So, whenever you need, a clean browsing without any hassle, then AdBlock should be your number choice.

3. DayHiker

DayHiker is a helpful Google Chrome extension; it’s a small Google Calendar that helps you in staying on schedule by placing a small icon on your chrome browser. It connects with your tasks and schedule in Google Calendar and puts them into a single small window. Useful drop-down lists showing your tasks, schedule, and calendar arranged in the icon on your Chrome browser bar. Also, DayHiker has pop-out windows capable of adding events as well as organizing event alarms.

4. Google Mail Checker Plus

This extension allows you to get notifications, delete, read, or listen to emails, without even opening your Gmail account or inbox. It’s customizable; you can choose to customize your options of viewing custom label notifications. Also, you have the choice of running the Google Mail Checker so that you can get new email alerts through the popup preview email window. You don’t have to leave your current tab to get access to your emails. That is an easy and convenient way to stay updated on your emails. So, no more split-second updates and constant push notifications that you are used to, you should try the Google Mail Checker Plus, and you’ll love it.

5. RSS Subscription Extension

Google Chrome is not capable of subscribing to and monitoring the RSS feeds. This extension takes care of that; it auto-detects RSS feeds that is on the page that you are reading. After finding one, it adds a button and allows you to click on it, preview the content on the feeds and subscribe to RSS feeds. We do not know when this option will be included in the Google Chrome browser; until that time comes, you will need an RSS Subscription Extension if you want to detect and subscribe to RSS feeds when reading your favorite site.

To conclude, you can use these important Google Chrome extensions for improving your internet browsing. The Chrome Extension store has so many available plugins for Google Chrome browser that you can pick from, ranging from the simplest email monitors to the more complex productivity apps. However, these five useful extensions will make your browsing experience to be pain-free and customized.

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