How to Build a Shed Easy As Can Be

A cool wooden shed can be a much-needed storage space for any homeowner, or you could use it as an artist studio. These simple instruction will have your wooden storage shed up in no time. The wooden shed we are constructing has a door, fix window along with a stylish apex roof. These instructions could easily be applied to most shed assembly kits.

Before you begin any project, read carefully through the instructions twice then gather all needed tools and materials. Please carefully adhere to all safety precautions with regard to eyewear as well as power tools so you can be safe.

The Shed Kit

The size of shed the homeowner selects shed to be based on their needs and space allotment. They also should consider what all they will store in the shed with regard to space. Please allow ample time for the shed to arrive in case of order error or missing parts.

The Shed Base

This is almost as important as the shed itself because the base provides stability to the shed, and allows water to flow away from the shed bottom. If homeowners skimp on this step then the shed will not last as long. The shed based can be made of either cement pavers, blocks or plastic. The shed base needs to be level to allow the shed to be square and plumb.

The Assembly

Please note you can drill pilot holes to make the process easier, and have a helper to help hold the heavy pieces. If you can’t find a helper, then you can use braces to hold pieces in place.

Step 1. Place the center of the shed floor in the center of the shed base. Then mark the center point of each edge of shed sides. Lift the side shed piece ( without the window ) attach it to the back shed panel. Next, attach the other side shed panel in the same manner. Next, attach the front shed panel, and adjust to make all pieces a good fight.

The Roof Assembly

Step 2. Attach the roof support beam in place, and notice it has a slotted groove to fit in. This is a good point to check that the door opens properly. The L bracket is used to secure them to the beam.

Step 3. The roof panels need the pilot holes drilled according to directions while on the ground, then with nails or screws secure the eases to the panels. Attach the roof panels one at a time while making sure they are secure. The inner support bean should all be square at this point.

Step 4. The finished roof is made of special roofing felt. Roll out the roof felt and cut the felt to the size of the roof panel. Please allow for an overhang of a few inches of felt. Nail down the felt with some overhang at the gables. Attach the side and gable shed panels to the base with screws or nails provided. Repeat on the other shed roof panel.

The Window Installation

Step 5. Attach the roof fascia to the piece that mirrors the roof apex. Secure each corner trim piece. Now, we are going to install the window. Most shed windows just slide into the frame. Expect the hinges to fasten into place once the window is inserted.

Step 6. Attach the windowsill into position for a fixed window design. Nail on the cloaks in order to secure the windowsill. Move to the inside of the shed, and secure the window glazings which further secures the windowsill, then place the beading over the window glazing. Take off the special covering from the window glaze.

The Door Assembly

Step 7. Some builders pre-assemble the doors onto the panels, but other times the door must be attached to the hinges. Put the door in place then attach with screws plus any bolts. Please check to ensure the door is level and plumb before attaching the screws or nails. Next, attach a padlock to keep your items secure.

The Finishing Touches

Step 8. Your shed is complete at this point, or you can seal the woodshed with a quality oil, paint or stain that will protect the wood from the elements for years. You can also install shelves and organizers inside the shed to keep it neat and clean.

In conclusion, the shed easily came together over a few hours with the help of a few friends. Now you can enjoy a spacious storage shed for your tools and or garden supplies. The apex style roof is a nice design feature to keep it interesting. The fixed window allows natural light to shine into your shed. The door has a lag-bolt and pad-lock design for security. These instructions can easily be applied to other basic woodshed assemblies.

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