How to Record Screen on Windows 10

If you are looking to record something on your PC’s screen, you would probably want a tool or an approach that can make this process fast and efficient.

See, recording hardware such as webcams or microphones, even though they are beneficial for recording external subjects, they won’t simply do much for your screen recording needs.  On the flip side, software options can effortlessly record your screen. Now, in this guide we will tell you on how to record screen on Windows 10 with tools that are most likely found on your Windows 10 PC.

So, with that said, let’s get this started!

OBS Studio

Now, if you don’t really like to use Microsoft PowerPoint or just want to get a great tool for normal screen recording, then the OBS Studio is probably what you’re looking for. This software is an open source.

It doesn’t place time limits or watermark on your content. Moreover, it provides a lot of powerful editing features. OBS Studio also supports live streaming at 60 FPS which make it a popular choice among many gamers out there.

  • After downloading the software, you can begin with a basic screen capture. What you want to do first is place OBS in Studio Mode so the left side will say “preview” and the right side will say “live”.
  • Now, in order to set up a screen capture, just pick Sources, +, Window Capture, and Create New. From the drop down list that will pop up, pick the window that you want to record.
  • This process must place your window in the preview panel. If it seems the way you want it to, then click on the transition in the center of the monitor. Now, if it doesn’t then simply drag the red corners until the preview is calibrated to the size according to your preference.
  • Then just choose the Start Recording and Stop Recording in order to make your video. Normally, the files will be saved as .flv files in the user/videos folder. However, you can configure this path and save type in the settings.

And that’s it, you’re good to go!

Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you know that you can use Office PowerPoint on your computer to record? Usually, this will embed the screen recording on a slide; nonetheless you can also decide to save it as a file. Follow these steps to do it.

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Choose the Insert tab and screen recording.
  • After that, pick which part of your screen you want to record using the Select Area utility. Now, if you are utilizing Office 2016 or beyond, you can also utilize the hotkey Windows, Shift, and A buttons. Click and drag cross hairs in order to choose your recording areas. Now, if you don’t want to record the background noise, just press Windows, Shift, and U buttons to toggle it.
  • After following all these steps, press the Record button.
  • You will notice that the small control panel will disappear unless pinned. However, you can make it pop up again by simply moving your cursor to the top edge of your monitor.
  • After you’re done with your recording, simply press the Record button once again. Your file will automatically be embedded in your slide. Then after that you can select File, then Save As in order to save your presentation. Now, if you’re only looking to save the video, then just choose File and Save Media As then pick the destination folder as well as the video name.

Keep in mind that if you are utilizing PowerPoint 2013, then you must follow certain special directions for recording and saving your video.

Windows Integrated Screen Recorder (through the XBOX app)

Windows 10 computer has an integrated screen recorder that you can utilize without installing any kind of apps or software. Nevertheless, it is only available if your PC has graphics card with AMD VCE, Nvidia NVENC, or Intel Quick sync H.260. That’s why if you are having some issues, be sure that your PC is up to spec.

Now, for those individuals who don’t have the right hardware, follow these steps. Keep in mind that this feature is mainly meant for gamers out there but can be utilized with any kind of screen material.

  • First of all, press the Windows key and the G key. After that, a pop up will appear and you must pick “Yes, this is a game”.
  • From this point, recording will go very smoothly. Just utilize the red button on the bar in order to begin and halt your recording session. You can also use the settings menu in order to set an automatic cut off time for your recording session.
  • After you’re finished recording, the recorded file will be saved as an MP4 in your videos/captures folder.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you are doing videos for your enjoyment, thousands of subscribers, or small classroom, knowing how to record screen on Windows 10 computers can give you a big advantage.

Based on what features are most essential for you, there will be a variety of options that can meet you requirements and no reason why you must not success in creating an awesome video.

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