Online Backup vs. Cloud Storage Services: Which Do You Need

Technology is rapidly changing how things are done in our world. Not long ago backing up your computer files meant choosing which storage system offered the most capacity among magnetic tapes, floppy disks, flash, hard disks or RAID setups. Times have changed, while the above options of data storage and backup still exists, the endless possibilities of technology has created a much efficient system of achieving all this. One technology that is revolutionizing things is the cloud technology.

Whereas the cloud present unlimited opportunities, the different options has made it quite difficult for users to pick the best option. With no best-fit-for-all product, telling the differences between an online backup and cloud storage package is the only option a user has when it comes to preserving their crucial data. The following article will come in handy during this selection process.

Definition of an Online Backup Service

To most people, online backup service and cloud storage are interchangeable. Nothing could be further from the truth. As its name suggests, an online backup service is a software or service that enables a user make similar copy of their data and save them on a secure off-site server. Online backup service are most preferably used to back up computers as it they make it easy to retrieve the data should anything happen to your computer. A key characteristic feature of online backups service is that they are quite affordable and present a wide range of options to choose from.

However, like every good thing, online backups have their drawbacks and inasmuch as they do not limit it to its functionality, the drawbacks are disadvantageous to the user. You will note that with online backups it is quite hard synchronizing your data. Additionally, with online backup you are only restricted to retrieving your data to one computer. Some users will also argue out that this service is also limiting when it comes to its storage, however this is subject to debate. The common online backup services include CrashPlan, Carbonite and Backblaze among others.

Definition of Cloud Storage Service

When defining cloud storage service Dropbox is a perfect example that comes to mind. Unlike online backup service, cloud storage service entails storing your data on an imaginary online box. In a nutshell cloud storage services is a like a portable online flash drive that you can use to backup and retrieve your data anywhere you want regardless of the place you are at and the computer you are using.

This is not all; developers have made it even easier, now cloud storage services are not online accessible through websites but also through mobile apps. This has made it easy for most users to go mobile with their data. Cloud computing also allows synchronization and sharing of data easily. Take note users can now download and make changes on their data and then upload back without tampering with other sets of data. On the sharing part, instead of struggling with huge files, cloud storage services allows users to send a secure link that allows other users access the files.

Cloud storage service too has its drawbacks the biggest one being limited storage. You can however upgrade the storage capacity at a cost which to most users is always expensive. The common cloud services include Dropbox, OneDrive, Syncplicity, Google Drive and Apple iCloud to name but a few.

Decision Factors

Telling the distinction between online backup and cloud storage is not merely enough. For you to get to the most suitable option for you, you will need to narrow down your option to how yourself. Choose an online backup system if; your work does not entail you using your data everywhere you go or if you have a single or multiple computer and they are not dependent on easy other.

For users who are constantly in touch with their data, that is sending reports, memos or any other data type; cloud storage system will come handy. You will also find the mobile app service very timely to whatever assignment you are doing more so when you are on transit.

Finally, there are users who might see the need and want of both options. This quite possible, while online backup will allow you to preserve the most treasured moments, cloud storage will give you the flexibility to carry them wherever you go.

Truth of the matter is that data backup is storage. By knowing which option works best for you, you will be able to eliminate redundancy hence saving yourself lots of money.

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